Badge Maker

(This tool does not help you buy your badge, it only helps you design one)


1 - Do NOT use this to make stickers, if you browse through a catalog and suspect someone has used this maker for stickers - please let Jspunkette or Marnidawg know.

1 - Mix and match the various categories to get your desired badge-design
2 - Once you have the badge as you want on the Badge area, simply click on the Download button under it to save the badge image to your computer.
3 - Now you are ready to submit your freshly created badge to imvu, simply go here and follow the steps, when you are asked to select your badge image, pick the badge image you just downloaded in the step before.

Note: You may only have one part per category in the work station.

Special Thanks To: Marnidawg, Jspunkette, SpirInk, Gaf210, SubtlyCharmed, and Seablue22 for making this tool possible!